Discover Your Cape Cod

Cape Cod Home Sellers Estimated Closing Costs

Mortgage payoff: $________________
Brokers Fee: $________________
Tax Stamps ($6.12 per thousand) $________________
Deed Preparation: $________________
Septic Inspection: $________________
Smoke and CO2 inspection and compliance: $________________
Attorney Fees: $________________
Water and Tax Adjustments will be made on the HUD depending on the date of closing. If this is a condominium there may be additional fees for 6D certificates, septic certificate, copies of condo documents, etc. Real Estate tax bills are adjusted, per date of closing, on the HUD. Estimated Sales Price: $________________
Minus Estimated Expenses: $________________
Estimated Sellers NET CHECK: $________________

Seven Costly Mistakes Sellers Make:

  1. Don’t put your home on the market before it’s ready. Your ERA agent will walk you through the “pre-sale” work.
  2. Don’t over improve the house for the neighborhood.
  3. Do not price the home based on what you want to realize. Price it according to the marketplace. Your ERA agent will help you determine a competitive price.
  4. Do not hire an agent based on a friendship or “obligation”. Hire a real estate agent who has a marketing plan and the ability to implement it as well as the experience needed to negotiate and advise.
  5. Do not get emotionally involved in the sale. Once you decide to sell, this is a commodity not a home.
  6. Do not cover up problems with the property. Address them and disclose them. Buyers are always more upset about what you make them find out as opposed to what you disclose to them up front.
  7. Do not go put your house on the market without understanding the financial implications of the sale. Will you be subject to capital gains? Given the market, is there a possibility of a “short sale”?