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Plymouth MA

Most Americans are familiar with the story of the pilgrims' voyage across the Atlantic aboard the Mayflower, and their landing at Plymouth Rock. Today, Plymouth Rock is just one of the sites that tell the story of Plymouth. When you visit our Town, you will learn about more than the pilgrim voyage, you will learn about our diverse and unique community.

With all of this, the Town of Plymouth continues to maintain its small town charm. We offer our visitors from across the globe a chance to experience part of the United States' early history and New England’s seasonal charm. We invite you to experience all that "America’s Hometown" has to offer.

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Plimouth Plantation: 1627 English Village

The 1627 English Village is a re-creation of the small farming town built by English colonists in the midst of the Wampanoag homeland. Find yourself immersed in the year 1627, just seven years after the voyage of the Mayflower. In the village, you will be surrounded by the modest timber-framed houses, fragrant raised-bed gardens, well-tended livestock and fascinating townspeople of Plymouth Colony, the first permanent English settlement in New England.

Wampanoag Homesite

The people you will meet at the Wampanoag Homesite talk of the past, but their story is also a very current one, told from a modern perspective. Step into a traditional wetu (house) and enter a world that may be new and unfamiliar to you. Surrounded by soft furs, flickering firelight, and artfully woven bulrush mats, learn about traditional Wampanoag family life as well as the arrival of the English from an Indigenous point of view. Walk around outside and enjoy the scent of sobaheg (stew) as it simmers over an aromatic wood fire. Discover traditional Wampanoag plant remedies or help scrape out a mishoon (boat) using centuries-old techniques. Gaze upon the tranquil waters of the Eel River and take this time to glimpse the world of the Wampanoag in the 1600s.

The Wampanoag People have lived in southeastern New England for over 12,000 years. the Wampanoag Homesite explores the story of one 17th-century Wampanoag man, Hobbamock, as well as traditional Wampanoag culture and history. Take this unique opportunity to explore the perspectives of the Indigenous Wampanoag who have lived on this land for hundreds of generations. You may be surprised at what you learn!

It is important to note that unlike the 1627 English Village, there are no "characters" here; the staff dressed in traditional deerskin clothing are Native People and speak in their own modern words about the experiences of the Wampanoag. 

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