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Blue Crab Fishing on Cape Cod is a Popular and Enjoyable Local Activity

Blue crab fishing on Cape Cod is a popular and enjoyable local activity. Here are some key points about blue crab fishing:

Season and Regulations

  • Season: Blue crabs are typically found in Cape Cod waters from late spring through early fall, with the peak season being in the summer months.
  • Regulations: Make sure to check the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) for current regulations regarding size limits, bag limits, and any required permits or licenses.


  • Best Spots: Blue crabs can be found in estuaries, salt marshes, tidal creeks, and bays. Popular spots include the Bass River, Swan Pond River, and Parker River.
  • Tides: Crabbing is often best during the incoming or outgoing tides when crabs are more active.


  • Hand-lining: Using a piece of bait (such as chicken necks or fish heads) tied to a string and lowered into the water. When a crab grabs the bait, slowly pull it in and scoop it up with a net.
  • Traps: Using crab traps or pots baited with fish or other attractants. Check traps regularly.
  • Dip Netting: Wading in shallow waters and using a dip net to catch crabs.


  • Bait: Common baits include chicken necks, fish heads, or other meat scraps.
  • Nets and Traps: A good-quality dip net and/or crab traps are essential.
  • Cooler: Bring a cooler with ice to keep your catch fresh.

Safety and Tips

  • Handling Crabs: Be cautious when handling crabs, as their claws can pinch. Use tongs or wear gloves if needed.
  • Sustainability: Follow local guidelines to ensure the sustainability of blue crab populations. Release undersized crabs and avoid overharvesting.


  • Blue crabs are delicious and can be prepared in various ways, such as steaming, boiling, or making crab cakes. Make sure to clean the crabs properly before cooking.

Enjoy your crabbing adventure on Cape Cod!

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