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Cape Style Holiday Decor Ideas

DIY Holiday WreathWith the holiday season almost here, many people are looking to cheer up their homes with various décor elements. Cape Cod is no different, here, the holiday decor tool kit usually incorporates a mix of DIY wreaths, holiday garlands, beautifully decorated trees, strewn-up lights, and door decorations.

If you're new to Cape Cod and need some help styling your house to fit the Cape holiday style, we've wrapped up a few easy-to-put-together ideas to get you started.

Experiment With Different Color Schemes

The traditional holiday colors; red, white, & green are what we've come to expect of holidays in Cape Cod. These colors are usually displayed in infinite combinations in various holiday décor, but this time around, we advise you to try incorporating some non-traditional holiday color combos. Well, we don't advocate for horrendous mixtures of colors. Instead, we suggest trying out color schemes that go beyond the traditional. For instance, different shades and variations of the classic colors or color combos like White + Red, Blue + Purple, Green + Brown, White + Green, etc.

Indeed, the traditional colors have a special feel to them, but throwing in a few colors to your Cape Cod home can result in unexpected but exciting hues. It can also help you create a modern festive twist.

Work On Your Window Wreaths

Window wreaths form a crucial part of your home's festive look. On Cape Cod, exquisitely crafted window wreaths are a key part of many homes' decorating schemes. Here's an idea, try hanging a series of small wreaths decorated with small beautiful lights. That should give you windows some personality. 

Window wreaths can incorporate different colors, although the most popular one is green. Feel free to try out different colors that are consistent with your other cape style décor.

Holiday Light Burning Bush

Light up the winter night with a holiday light burning bush that illuminates your yard and gives your home that true Cape style festive look. All you will need is to adorn the bushes and shrubs around your home with holiday lights to make them look like burning bushes. Consider laying out other decorations around the container to complete the look. For this decoration to stand out, you need to ensure the bushes and shrubs are perfectly trimmed.

Don't Forget Your Outdoor Decor

The exterior matters as much as the interior. Outdoor festive decorations are often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and that shouldn't be the case. Front porch or extended front lawn decorations are a perfect way to create an eye-catching display that will leave your home looking gorgeous. 

Of course, well done outdoor decorations are usually carefully curated, and the best selection of festive outdoor holiday decorations is needed to get the desired look.

Dangling DIY Decorations

Dangling decorations are a perfect way to make your home warm and merry. These can range from hanging wreaths, baskets, to styled flowers, or light fixtures that you can place on your porch or inside the house. 

The holiday season is mostly family bonding time, hence working on these creative décor designs with your family can make for hours of quality family bonding time. Trust us, there are some special homespun DIY holiday decors that money can't buy.

The Bottom Line

Be sure not to overdo any of these décor ideas lest your home will lose its festive touch. Find a way to achieve a balanced semblance between your Cape Cod home and the holiday season.

If you don't have a home on Cape Cod yet and are looking to buy one, you need not worry. ERA Cape real estate agents are here to help!

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