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How to Get an Offer on Your Cape Cod Home

  1. Price it right – set a price for at the lower end of a realistic price range.
  2. Prepare for visitors – get your house market ready and give it some curb appeal!
  3. Be Flexible about showings – if a buyer cannot view your house, they will not make an offer.
  4. Anticipate the offer – decide in advance what price and terms you would find acceptable.
  5. Don’t refuse to drop the price – remain competitive. If your home is on the market too long, your goal suffers.

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  1. Remove clutter and clear off counters. Put excess furniture in storage. Clean out the garage. Spruce up bathrooms.
  2. Tidy Yard. Cut the grass, add color to the yard. Remove dead trees.
  3. Keep everything extra clean. Wash windows and screens.
  4. Get rid of any smells. Clean carpets, remove old dusty window treatments and air the house out.
  5. Brighten each room. Consider painting rooms a neutral color and minimize window treatments.
  6. Don’t disregard minor repairs. Patch holes, repaint ceilings, fix sticky doors, wash trim, and etc.
  7. Clean the basement. Optimize every space.
  8. Accentuate the assets of your home!

So, what is curb appeal? It is that quality in a house that gives a potential buyer a “love at first sight” sensation! Studies show that spending 5% of your homes’ value on landscaping could produce a 150% increase in price!

Come up with a concept for landscaping. Have a plan so everything you do to your homes’ exterior is deliberate.

Focus on the front door. Make sure people know where your front door is and create a warm and welcoming entrance.

Deal with the driveway. You need to downplay the drive or distract a buyers’ eyes away from all that concrete. Create a landscaping plan that allows for that.

Pay attention to details. Little things mean a lot, like edging the lawn, large planters, maybe placing some colorful all weather ceramic in the walkway.