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Coronavirus- COVID 19- Statement for our Clients, Customers and Agents

After consulting with MAR, NAR and CCIAR, and at the strong recommendation of state health officials we have decided to temporarily suspend the support of open houses at ERA Cape Real Estate.  This means we will not include open houses in our print ads, distribute our regular Friday open house emails or promote open houses on our company website. With the presence of the COVID-19 virus in southeastern Massachusetts and with ongoing concerns regarding public gatherings, we feel that it is only appropriate for us to take this measure.

Rest assured that we continue to do business at ERA Cape Real Estate, we continue to support the showing of property and the real estate market remains active. However we feel it is our responsibility to adapt to current conditions and find other ways to show/market our properties.

These other avenues can include virtual tours, Skype or Facetime tours and, of course, private showings.

We are instituting a mandatory policy for agents that there be no office opportunity time, agents are expected to work from home.   If they need to come into the offices, we expect their time there to be brief and they must utilize all safety precautions (use of provided hand sanitizer, plastic gloves, Clorox swipes, etc) while in the building.   There is a moratorium on all meetings for the office/company with an encouragement of virtual meetings.  Staff have been told to work remotely whenever possible and to limit their office exposure time and to utilize all available personal safety precautions when in the offices.  

All agents and staff have been ordered to stay at home, to self- quarantine, if they are experiencing any signs of illness.  

Showings to potential buyers and listing appointments will continue while using all personal safety precautions.  We are encouraging all sellers to make available at their property hand sanitizer and to have the water on to accommodate hand washing.  We are recommending that buyers and agents arrive at showings in their own vehicles, a pen will be given to the buyers’ for their use in signing an agency or other paperwork and they will keep it.  We will strongly encourage the customers and clients to use the hand sanitizer and to minimize any touching of property during the viewing.  

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