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Happy Presidents Day, and the origin of why we celebrate!

Presidents' Day, officially known as Washington's Birthday, is a federal holiday in the United States that honors George Washington, the country's first president. The holiday was originally established in 1885 to celebrate Washington's birthday on February 22nd, but it was later moved to the third Monday in February as part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which aimed to provide more three-day weekends for the nation's workers.

Over time, Presidents' Day has evolved into a day to honor all U.S. presidents, both past and present. While it is still officially designated as Washington's Birthday, the holiday is widely viewed as an occasion to recognize and celebrate the contributions of all U.S. presidents to the country. Many people use the day to reflect on the nation's history, civic responsibilities, and leadership.

Additionally, some states may still observe the day as a separate holiday dedicated to Washington or combine it with the celebration of Abraham Lincoln's birthday, which falls on February 12th. Thank you to our nations leaders for their contributions of all U.S.



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