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If the Snow Actually Comes, Find Some Ways to ENJOY IT! 

If the snow actually comes, find some ways to ENJOY IT! 

  1. Snowball fights: Gather friends or family for a friendly snowball fight. 

  2. Building snowmen: Get creative and build snowmen or even entire snow families. Add accessories like scarves, hats, buttons, and carrot noses to give them personality.

  3. Sledding: Find a nearby hill and go sledding. It's a thrilling winter activity that's enjoyed by people of all ages. 
    Burgess Park (Marstons Mills): This park is known for its hills and can be a good spot for sledding when there's enough snow. 
    Johnny Kelley Recreation Area (Dennis): The hills at this recreation area can provide a fun sledding experience with open spaces it's popular during snowy days.
    Yarmouth Golf 'n' Games (South Yarmouth): This location may have hills suitable for sledding, and it's known for its mini-golf course.
    Dunbar Community Center (Sandwich): The Dunbar Community Center may offer sledding opportunities during the winter.

  4. Snow angels: Lie on your back in the snow and move your arms and legs to create the shape of an angel. 

  5. Hot cocoa by the fire: After spending time in the cold, warm up with a cup of hot cocoa by the fireplace. It's a cozy way to end a day of snow fun. Add a cinnamon stick to it, my kids favorite! 

  6. Winter photography: Capture the beauty of the snowy landscape with a camera. Snow-covered trees (my dream family photo ), landscapes, and wildlife can make for stunning photos.

Dress warmly, stay safe and enjoy the winter weather, have fun being a kid again!

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