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5 Top Romantic Date Nights to Enjoy on Cape Cod

When it comes to planning a memorable date night on Cape Cod, there are plenty of romantic options to choose from. Suggestion for a fantastic date night experience on Cape Cod: 

  1. Sunset Beach Picnic: Start your evening by picking up a delicious picnic spread from a local gourmet market or restaurant. Head to one of the picturesque beaches on Cape Cod, such as Nauset Beach or Coast Guard Beach, and find a cozy spot to enjoy the beautiful sunset together. Don't forget to bring a blanket, candles, and a bottle of wine or champagne to make it extra special. 
  2. Dinner at a Waterfront Restaurant: After enjoying the sunset, make your way to one of the many waterfront restaurants on Cape Cod for a romantic dinner. Some popular choices include The Ocean House in Dennis Port, The Black Cat Tavern in Hyannis, Chatham Bars Inn, or the Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennis. These establishments offer scenic views, delicious seafood, and an intimate ambiance for a memorable dining experience. 
  3. Beachside Stroll: Take a leisurely walk along the beach under the moonlight, hand in hand. The calming sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the sparkling reflection of the moon on the water create a romantic atmosphere. Enjoy each other's company and take the time to connect and have meaningful conversations. 
  4. Live Music or Theater: Check the local listings for any live music performances or theater shows happening in the area. Cape Cod has a vibrant arts scene, and catching a live performance can be a delightful addition to your date night. Whether it's a jazz band playing at a cozy venue or a theater production at a local playhouse, the entertainment will add to the romance and create lasting memories. 
  5. Star Gazing at Cape Cod National Seashore: End your date night by driving to the Cape Cod National Seashore, which offers some of the darkest skies in the region. Lay a blanket on the sand and spend some time stargazing together. This peaceful and awe-inspiring experience will provide a perfect ending to your romantic evening. 

Remember to check local websites and make reservations in advance, as availability can vary. ERA has rentals available if you want to make it a romantic date week.  If you really love it, we have plenty of rentals to check out.   

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