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How to Stage Your Home Like a Pro

Woman Staging a HomeIf you've stepped into a house for sale, then you've noticed how picturesque everything seems. Staging a home you want to sell is very important because it can help you sell your home quickly as well as fetch you the best price possible. 

While it's possible to spend big bucks staging multimillion-dollar homes, staging your home like a pro doesn't have to cost you lots of money. 

Here, we have some great tips for you to help you save cash and get your house looking superb so you can attract multiple potential buyers.

1. Declutter

This might seem obvious, but you'd be surprised by how important it is. Even with a large and open floor plan, a cluttered house might seem smaller to an onlooker than it actually is.  Decluttering your home doesn't have to cost money. Having as little décor or furniture as possible can increase the appeal of your home and make the space look bigger and more open. 

So, pack away any unnecessary personal stuff neatly into boxes and make your house clutter-free.

2. Depersonalize

After living in your house for a few years, it's normal to accumulate lots of personal stuff like personal photos and artifacts. These items might not interest a buyer, and depersonalizing your home can neutralize the house, helping potential buyers to envision themselves living in it more easily.

Personal things like your pictures on the wall, your college diploma, or toothbrushes in the bathroom only affect the new buyer's sense of imagination, which lessens their chances of buying it.

3. Clean, clean, clean!

The importance of cleaning your home deeply and thoroughly before putting it on the market cannot be stated enough. The first red flag potential buyers look at is a dirty house because it gives the impression that the previous buyer did not care enough to maintain their house. As such, you have to be brutally efficient when cleaning your house for staging.

4. Paint your walls

Giving the rooms a fresh coat of paint is a cost-effective way to make your house more attractive to prospective buyers. You don't need to take any chances with scrappy walls because many new home buyers prefer houses that look move-in ready. Therefore, painting your home's interior will position you above other home sellers in the market.

5. Give each room its purpose

There are some rooms in our homes that might not have a specific purpose. It's common for people to use these rooms as storage rooms or even as guest rooms. When staging your home, re-arrange these rooms and give each a purpose. Perfectly purposed rooms are a key component of tastefully staged homes because they show the potential of each space and its intended purpose.

6. Elevate and open the curtains

Elevating your curtains can create the impression that your house is tall or has large windows. Opening them up illuminates the home with natural light highlighting the splendor of the interior décor.

Don't just be stuck with natural light; artificial lights can also come in handy. Essentially, proper artificial lighting will complement your walls and other spaces, giving your home that radiant look.

7. Don't forget the exterior

The potential buyer will first bump into the exterior of your home before they can see the inside. If you have an unmaintained lawn or peeling paint, the person probably won't even bother stepping inside.

That's why you will need to enhance the home's curb appeal. Start by mowing the lawn, painting the exterior walls, weeding the flowers, and removing debris from the sidewalks.

Final Thoughts

Staging a home can be an expensive venture, especially if you choose to hire a professional stager. Home staging is a must-do in today's real estate market, and the simple tips outlined here can help you do it like a pro. Some of these activities are DIY, while others might need additional help.

If you’re around the Cape Cod area and need more ideas on how to stage your home to sell, reach out to ERA Cape Real Estate.

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