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Best Dog-Friendly Activities on Cape Cod

Woman with Dog on the BeachFall is undeniably a wonderful time to be in Cape Cod. The bustle of the summer season has died down and you can enjoy the sand and surf in peace while also taking in the beautiful sights that accompany autumn in New England. Another plus is that you won’t have to leave your furry friend behind; we’ve compiled a list of fun things to do with your dog while you’re on the Cape during fall. 

Hit the Beach

The 40 miles of National Seashore is welcoming of dogs as long as they are on a leash 6’ or shorter. There are a few exceptions like bird nesting areas and lifeguard protected sections, but as long as you read the signs you know where you’re welcome. Off the National Seashore, there are beaches with similar rules, including The Knob, Sandy Neck, and Cahoon Hollow. You will find that most public beaches are dog friendly (even unleashed) after September 15th. The beach is the perfect place to relax, watch the sunset, and let your dog play in the waves that are probably too cold for you at this point. 

Go For a Real Walk

Instead of just walking your pup around the block and calling it a day, try going for a longer hike. There are so many trails to choose from on Cape Cod, and they never look better than they do in the fall. If you’re up for an especially long walk, you could check out the aptly named Long Pond Trail in Falmouth, which is a 3.9 mile loop that will probably take you about an hour to complete. If you’re looking for something a little shorter with more elevation change, check out Lowell Holly Reservation in Mashpee. Both trails pass by ponds, so your pups (and you, if the weather permits) can cool off after all that running around.  

Socialize at the Park

Your dogs have the upper hand here - they don’t have to be socially distant! Live vicariously through your dog by taking them to a park where they can make friends and sniff around off-leash. Pilgrim Bark Park, deemed the second best dog park in the country by Dog Fancy magazine, is located right in Provincetown and is the perfect place for some off-leash fun. The park is a fenced in acre of land that is filled with sculptures donated by local artists. There’s even a special section for dogs under 25 pounds, so don’t be afraid to bring your little ones here. Another option if you’re looking to get a hike in is Fresh Pond park in Dennis, which boasts a walking trail through the woods, two fenced-in enclosures where your dog can run free, as well as a pond where they can swim. There’s no doubt that your dog will return home healthier and happier after a day at these parks - and hopefully so will you!

Enjoy a Meal Together

Going out to eat is definitely something to look forward to when on the Cape, given the numerous top-notch restaurants and fresh seafood. This time you won’t have to leave your pooch waiting at home - there are plenty of dining options that can accommodate you both! Commercial Street in Provincetown has over twenty dog-friendly restaurants, making it the safest bet if you want to browse around. Some of these restaurants include the WayDownTown Restaurant, Mac’s Fish House, Governor Bradford Restaurant, and Bubala’s on the Bay. Most places offer outdoor patio seating, which means the day outside doesn’t have to come to an end for either of you.

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    Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

    Preparing Your Home For Fall SeasonAs temperatures and leaves fall, the time comes to start thinking about preparing your home for colder weather. Especially on Cape Cod where most houses are built for the summer months, it’s important to be as prepared as possible going into winter. Here are some tips to help you out:

    Check the furnace or other heating system

    Before temperatures drop too drastically, make sure your heating system is fully functioning and ready to go for when you need it. The last thing you want is a faulty heating system on the morning after the first frost. An HVAC professional can come to your home and check for leaks, heating efficiency, or filters that may need replacing. Once it gets frosty out there, you’ll be glad you got it done in advance. 

    Prepare the fireplace

    If you have a fireplace in your home, chances are it will be well-used throughout the winter season. Before the snow falls, it’s a good idea to have your chimney inspected and cleaned to make sure it’s ready to go when you want to use it. You should also take advantage of the cool fall weather to stock up on firewood and find a place to store it - you don’t want to be dealing with that when the temperatures are below freezing!

    Stock Up on Fall and Winter Tools

    With every new season comes new yard and home maintenance tools. For fall, some tools to consider getting are a rake, leaf blower, brooms, gardening tools, tarps. These can help with leaf removal and other yard work. For winter, a snow shovel is definitely a necessity. If you want an easier but pricier alternative, you could try getting a snowblower. Having an ice scraper for your car windows and windshields is also a good idea, as well as salt to reduce slips on walkways and driveways.

    Check Your Home for Drafts

    Cold temperatures mean it is more important than ever to have your home well sealed. Fall is a great time to check for drafts before they become a real problem. To do this, close all windows and doors in your house and light incense or a candle, going around to spots with potential leakage [doing this on a cool, windy day is recommended]. If the smoke/flame is blown away from or sucked toward a potential source of the leak, it is likely there is a leak there. Air leaks can be sealed with caulk and spray foam, or you could call a professional to inspect and repair leaks in your home. 

    Plant Spring Bulbs in Your Garden

    Just because winter is on the way doesn’t mean you can’t get some last minute gardening in. While you won’t see them come up until Spring, fall plants have just enough time to get their roots in the ground before it freezes. At the end of the season, a lot of these bulbs will probably be on sale, so jump on it while you still can. Some of the best Spring-blooming plants include tulips, hyacinths, pansies, and violas. After spending all winter underground, these flowers will give you a colorful surprise come springtime. Also, remember to drain and shut off your garden hoses before they freeze!

    If you're thinking about buying or selling a home on the Cape, contact ERA Cape Real Estate today!


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      Best Outdoor Dining Spots on Cape Cod

      Outdoor Dining on Cape CodWith the ever-present threat of the pandemic, outdoor seating is more desirable than ever. Thankfully, some of Cape Cod’s most famous restaurants are now reopening for outdoor dining. Before leaving the house or making a reservation, be sure to check the websites for the restaurant’s current dining and reservation policies as they may be different than normal.

      Here are some of our favorite spots for socially distanced dining:


      Baxter’s is an old favorite on Cape Cod. The family restaurant has been around for over six decades and still serves the freshest seafood around. Located in Hyannis, the restaurant sits entirely over the water and has views of the harbor and Lewis Bay, where the ferries run to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. The restaurant is famous for a reason - its reasonable prices and delicious food, coupled with a warm and friendly atmosphere make Baxter’s a hit. 

      Chatham Bars Inn

      Chatham Bars Inn, one of Cape Cod’s most luxurious dining experiences, is offering both takeout and outdoor seating. They have a “Picnic Basket” takeout option that allows you to enjoy your meal anywhere, including right on the beach. If you prefer the whole dining experience, they can also seat you on their expansive lawn. The upscale restaurant serves seasonally inspired cocktails and meals, which includes produce from the Chatham Bars Inn farm and seafood from local fisheries. 

      Beachcomber in Wellfleet

      Being a hub for live music, the Beachcomber has had to “reimagine” its business model in 2020. They are currently open full-time and are offering outdoor seating. The Beachcomber is known for its specialty cocktails, including frozen drinks to help you cool off in the hot summer months, as well as an array of delicious seafood. The restaurant is located right on Cahoon Hollow Beach, making it a popular spot for surfers and families looking for some shade and a cold drink. 

      Alberto’s Ristorante

      If you’re craving something other than seafood, Alberto’s offers high-end Italian cuisine that is prepared completely in-house with all fresh ingredients. As of now, Alberto’s is open for takeout, indoor, and outdoor dining. While the outdoor dining area is small and lacks a view, the food will make the trip more than worth it. Alberto’s has beautifully melded Northern Italian cuisine with local favorites, creating unique recipes that include fresh seafood and local ingredients.

      Crisp Flatbread

      Crisp Flatbread is known for its wood-fired pizzas and handmade pasta cooked with fresh seasonal ingredients. Located in Osterville, Crisp offers customers a full dining experience on the outdoor patio, complete with a fire pit and a ping pong table. Crisp is passionate about supporting local farmers and buying organic produce and hormone-free meats whenever possible. Crisp is ideal for a chill night out, offering amazing cuisine and a sophisticated but comfortable atmosphere.

      Kream ‘n Kone

      It may not look like much at first glance, but Kream ‘n Kone has been serving up top notch seafood in Cape Cod since 1953. People dining on their outdoor patio can enjoy beautiful views of Swan River while indulging in some of Cape Cod’s best seafood. Kream ‘n Kone’s menu has all the basics - in the best way. Choose from an assortment of seafood plates, rolls, dinners, sides, and sandwiches, all made from high quality local fisheries. Their famous sign states what many customers can attest to - “The Best Fried Seafood Anywhere”.

      If you have questions about the Cape, or if you'd like more information about local real estate opportunities, contact ERA Cape Real Estate.


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        4 Ways to Make Your Summer Move a Breeze

        Summer Moving TipsReady to move into your new home this summer? You’re not alone! Summer is the most popular time to move, but its high temperatures can pose some challenges. Here are a few ways to beat the heat and make your summer move a breeze.

        Start early

        As we all know, summer afternoons can be sweltering and humid, which are not exactly the best conditions to be lugging boxes from one place to another. Getting started in the cooler morning hours will make a huge difference in your comfort level - temperatures can be up to 10 degrees cooler. 

        Plan ahead

        Since summer is such a popular time to move, supplies and movers are in high demand. Booking ahead of time ensures that you’ll have the resources you need when you need them. It’s never too early to stock up on boxes and packing tape! And asking for quotes from movers is better done sooner than later - you’ll save more money the earlier you book. 


        This one may seem obvious, but it’s a step some people often forget. Replenishing your fluids is important on hot summer days, especially when you’re doing a bunch of heavy lifting. Bring enough water for the whole day. Ideally, you should bring a large reusable water bottle so you can refill it between trips. If you’re feeling extra nice, bringing some extra bottles for the moving crew is always appreciated. 

        Cool down your new home

        Stepping out of the hot sun and into a cool, ventilated house can make all the difference on moving day. Minimize your time in the heat by turning on the AC in your new home before you move - it’ll make life easier for both you and the movers. If you don’t have AC, make sure the house is well ventilated; open your windows, turn on some fans, and make sure air is moving through the house. You’ll thank yourself later!

        If you need help finding your new home on the Cape, contact ERA Cape Real Estate or start your search here.


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          Five Museums to Visit on Cape Cod

          Cape Cod MuseumsThe Cape has several activities that can be done outdoors, from beaches to bike rides, there is no shortage of activities when the weather is nice. But what is there to enjoy if the weather outside isn't conducive to outdoor activities, or when you want to put your brain to work? We've put together a list of some of the best museums that the island has to offer. 

          Cape Cod Maritime Museum

          Maritime refers to anything involving ships and the sea. The Maritime Museum on Cape Cod is the perfect place to learn about the rich culture and connection to the sea the Cape has to offer. The museum has exhibitions, educational programs, collections, and pubic events to enrich visitors of all ages.

          Cape Cod Museum of Art

          The Cape Cod Museum of Art strives to be the cultural center for Cape Cod. The grounds are home to seven galleries and a sculpture garden. They hold classes for both adults and children as well as host several events.

          Mass Audubon’s Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary

          The 110-acre property offers several miles of hiking trails across fields, woods, sandy beaches, and marshes. Activities include kayaking, natural history boat cruises, and total flat exploration. The sanctuary also offers classes, tours, workshops, and festivals.

          Whydah Pirate Museum

          This interactive museum offers a pirate adventure for all ages. Featuring treasure that was discovered in 1984 off the shore of the Cape, you can enjoy learning about the shipwreck and the story behind how the treasure was found at the only museum that features authentic pirate treasure.

          Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum

          Pilgrim Monument commemorates where the Pilgrims first landed in Provincetown in November 1620. The monument is the tallest all granite structure in the United States. The Provincetown Museum is a classic history museum that highlights the arrival of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, the town's maritime history, and the building of the monument.

          If you have any questions about the Cape, be sure to contact ERA Cape Real Estate. If you're looking for a home, you can create a custom search or browse our recommended search categories.


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            Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

            Selling Your HomeEvery seller dreams that their home will sell the moment that it hits the market, but it takes more than luck to make that happen. It involves some careful planning and minor tweaks to help the future buyer picture themselves there.

            Give Your Home a Deep Clean

            The first impression of your home is crucial. Having a clean house is important, not just as you're listing the home, but all the way through the process. We're not just talking about clean toilets and no dust, though those are important, you may want to consider having your carpets professionally cleaned and your windows washed.


            An organized house goes a long way with potential buyers. The fewer items that are around the house, the more a potential buyer can visualize their items in the home. While decluttering, remove most of your personal belongings including toys, magazines, and photos, leaving a few family photos to give the home a lived-in feel.


            A fresh coat of paint can give any space a fresh feel. When thinking about listing, now is the time to change any bright colored walls to something more neutral, giving a potential homeowner a blank slate. You will also want to touch up the baseboards and doors.

            Make Minor Repairs

            Lastly, you'll want to may any minor repairs that your home needs. Patch any holes, fix leaky faucets, use WD40 on squeaky hinges, replace cracked floor or counter tiles, replace burned-out light bulbs, etc. Small details like this make a huge difference, if left as is, potential buyers may think the home isn't well taken care of. 

            Now that you're ready to put your home on the market, contact ERA Cape Real Estate to get the process started!


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              Best Beaches on Cape Cod

              Provincetown Beach, Cape CodWith over 500 miles of Massachusetts coastline, Cape Cod has a variety of beautiful beaches to explore. There’s a beach for everyone, whether you’re looking for a family friendly or pet friendly spot, the Cape has it all! Here are a few of our favorites. 

              Sandy Neck Beach, Barnstable 

              Featuring beautiful dynamic landscapes with a mix of dunes, forests, and marshes. This is a popular spot for beachcombers and swimmers alike. You’ll find plenty of recreational activities and a variety of wildlife along this pebbly beach.

              Race Point Beach, Provincetown 

              If you’re looking for soft sand or rough surfing waters, this is a great place to go. There are also some shallow areas for swimming, as well as bike paths. The Provincetown center and the Pilgrim Monument are nearby. On your way in, stop by the Province Lands Visitor Center.

              Coast Guard Beach, Eastham

              Enjoy stunning views and dunes, large waves for surfing, and volleyball courts. This is also a prime swimming beach during the summer months. Nauset Marsh, located behind the former Coast Guard Station, is accessible by a pathway that leads to the bicycle trail bridge.

              Cahoon Hollow Beach, Wellfleet

              This beach boasts a lively social scene with the younger crowd, both on and off the sands. Many people enjoy surfing, sunbathing, or getting some food and drinks at The Beachcomber bar and restaurant. The entrances to the beach feature steep dunes and ropes to hold on to.

              Craigville Beach, Barnstable

              Attracting swimmers and sunbathers, this beach also features lots of sand to stroll on and scenic views of Centerville River, Nantucket Sound, and Squaw Island. The warm and sandy beach is also great for a game of volleyball.

              Nauset Beach, Orleans 

              From off-road trails to designated swimming, surfing, and boogie boarding areas, Nauset Beach has something for everyone. The gazebo hosts some free outdoor evening concerts in July and August.

              If you’d like to get information about all the fantastic beaches and what each one has to offer, read our comprehensive Cape Cod Beach Guide

              If you have any questions about the Cape, or if want to learn about local real estate opportunities, contact Cape Real Estate today. We’re happy to share our local expertise with you.


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                Lighthouses in Cape Cod


                Cape Cod Lighthouse 

                Cape Cod, Massachusetts is known for its many historic lighthouses. Traditionally, lighthouses were used as navigational aids for sailors to avoid hazardous coastlines and for safe entry into harbors. With the invention of electronic navigation, they have become popular tourist destinations. Several of the lighthouses allow people to enter and take in the breathtaking views from the top. Spend your day checking out some of our favorite ones, listed below. 

                Nobska Point Lighthouse:

                Nobska Point Light is located in Woods Hole, Massachusetts on the southwestern tip of Cape Cod. In 2016, the lighthouse was completely restored.

                Nauset Light:

                Nauset Light is located near Eastham, Massachusetts and was built in 1923 and is used as the logo for Cape Cod Potato Chips. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

                Chatham Light:

                Chatham Lighthouse is located near the "elbow" of Cape Cod and is known as being the second light station on Cape Cod. Until 1923, two lighthouses, known as the Twin Lights, were located here. One of the towers was moved to Eastham and became known as the Nauset Light. The Chatham Lighthouse remains an active U.S. Coast Guard Station, used by Search & Rescue, maritime law enforcement, and Homeland Security. 

                Race Point Lighthouse:

                Race Point lighthouse is in Provincetown, Massachusetts and was built in 1816 as the Cape's third lighthouse. The American Lighthouse Foundation rents out two of the buildings for overnight stays. 

                For more information and directions, click here.

                Thinking of buying or selling a home on the Cape? Contact ERA Cape Real Estate today and learn how we can help you!


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                  2018 Fall Cape Cod Festivals

                  Fall LeavesFall is almost here and there are lots of fun festivals going on around the Cape. Take time to enjoy some of these fall festivals with your family and friends.

                  Paws at the Beach Pet Festival & Walk
                  Saturday, September 22nd

                  Enjoy a 1 mile fundraising beach walk with your furry friend to help strays and pets on the Cape. Local vendors, food, and pet contests!

                  Cape Cod Oktoberfest
                  Saturday, September 22nd

                  Enjoy German style beers, brats, warm pretzels, games, prizes, and a costume contest. Live music by Funktapuss.

                  Hyannis Open Streets
                  Sunday, September 23rd & Sunday, October 21st

                  Main Street will be closed to traffic and open to those who want to walk, bike, run, dance, or play in the street. Do yoga or another fun physical activity.

                  Saturday, September 29th

                  The biggest fishing party in the Northeast features live music, beer, food, games, competitions, exhibits, and much more!

                  Mashpee Oktoberfest
                  Saturday, September 29th

                  Participate in the celebration with German music, beer, and food. Also features kids activities and local craft exhibits.

                  Cape Cod Cranberry Day
                  Saturday, September 29th
                  East Sandwich

                  Watch cooking demonstrations with traditional cranberry recipes, tour a cranberry bog, and view gallery exhibits featuring Thornton W. Burgess.

                  LoveLocal Fest
                  Sunday, September 30th

                  Join local artists, artisans, farmers, food trucks, musicians, and more at Aselton Park.

                  Vinegrass Music Festival
                  Sunday, September 30th
                  North Truro

                  Enjoy live Bluegrass/Folk/Americana music along with food and beverages at the Truro Vineyard.

                  Osterville Fall Festival
                  Saturday, October 6, 2018
                  Osterville Village

                  Features a dog parade and lots of children’s activities.

                  US Route 6 Cruise Weekend
                  Saturday, October 13, 2018

                  Classic car enthusiasts will stop at a few rally points on Historic U.S. Route 6 from Seekonk to Provincetown. Join them at the Cape Cod Chamber Visitor Center between 11:50 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

                  Yarmouth Seaside Festival
                  Saturday, October 6th - Monday, October 8th

                  Bring your friends and family to explore arts & crafts from all over New England. Enjoy food, live music, fireworks, parade, children’s entertainment, and races.

                  Wellfleet Oysterfest
                  Saturday, October 13th & Sunday, October 14th

                  Features plenty of oysters, clams, and other foods along with live music, cooking demonstrations, and an oyster shucking competition.

                  Thinking about buying or selling a home on the Cape? Contact ERA Cape Real Estate today and learn how we can help you!


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                    2 Beautiful Ranch Style Homes Under $350K in Yarmouth MA

                    Move in Ready Homes!

                    52 Crowes Purchase Road
                    Yarmouth, MA 02673

                    52 Crowes Purchase Road Yarmouth, MA 0267352 Crowes Purchase Road Yarmouth, MA 02673
                    52 Crowes Purchase Road Yarmouth, MA 0267352 Crowes Purchase Road Yarmouth, MA 02673

                    Turnkey 2 bedroom year round home with lots of upgrades! New roof, siding, deck, garage door, electric box, bedroom septic. Newer windows, fresh paint, updated bath. Fireplace and chimney redone. New hardwood floors in living room open to a large deck.

                    View the complete listing for more information.

                    19 Rose Road
                    Yarmouth, MA 02664

                    19 Rose Road Yarmouth, MA 0266419 Rose Road Yarmouth, MA 02664
                    19 Rose Road Yarmouth, MA 0266419 Rose Road Yarmouth, MA 02664

                    Beautiful 4 bedroom ranch style home is move in ready! Renovations include refinished hardwood floors throughout, new roof, windows, furnace, hot water heater. Spacious kitchen with bay window, marble countertops, and stainless steel appliances. Located around the corner from James Pond.

                    View the complete listing for more information.


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